Additive masterbatches use to modify and improve the properties of thermoplastics. Using these masterbatches can provide many of the required properties of polymer products in engineering applications.
Antioxidants, anti-blocks, process aids, anti-ultraviolet rays, flame retardants, etc., are included in this category.


Polymers are usually electrical insulators and are prone to the accumulation of electric current in the case of friction or vicinity to the current field.
Static electricity generated in polymer products causes problems for packaging, electronics, and flat film application.
Dryness is an essential factor for generating static electricity in polymers. The drier it is, the greater the ability to accumulate electricity.
As a result, the phenomenon of static electricity accumulation is more due to the decrease in temperature in winter. An antistatic masterbatch or antistatic additive use to solve this problem.

Our antistatic masterbatches contain mobile molecules that migrate to the surface and attract a thin layer of airborne water molecules with sufficient conductivity to dissipate the charge. Our wide range of masterbatches meets different requirements and is therefore suitable for different relative humidity levels, from dry to high humidity.


Oxidation is a process in which the presence of oxygen in the vicinity and contact with the material causes its degradation. The free radicals created in the oxidation process enter into a chemical chain reaction with the molecules of the substance and cause changes in their properties.

Polymeric materials require high temperatures (temperatures higher than the melting point or glass transition temperature of the polymer) for process, making them subject to thermal oxidation and prone to degradation.

To solve this problem in polymers, antioxidants should be used during the process.

In addition, finished products are also vulnerable to oxidation during service time. Some polymers are more susceptible than others. The oxidation process can affect the quality of external surfaces and the product’s life cycle.

Among the polymer products that usually require antioxidant additives, the following can be mentioned:

All types of pipes and fittings
Polyethylene based films
Films based on polypropylene
sack, jumbo, plastic carton
Fibers and foams

OXICHEM is a group of concentrated antioxidant mixtures produced with polyethylene and polypropylene bases and causes the stability of the basic polymer properties in the production process and during the final service of the product.


One of the critical problems in the polymer film industry is the tendency of film layers to stick to each other or adjacent surfaces due to the composition and rolling tension of the film. This problem is known as blocking.
This problem is significant for polyolefin sheets and films such as polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) produced by Cast and Blown Cast methods, as well as polypropylene films (BOPP). The blockage phenomenon also leads to many problems in the production process of disposable containers by thermoforming. Since adhesion causes issues such as increasing waste, reducing production rate, reducing product quality, and finally causing problems in subsequent processes such as opening film rolls, printing, and coating.

Using anti-blocking masterbatches is the most effective way to solve the block problem in polymer products. On a microscopic scale, these masterbatches are dispersed on the film’s surface, thereby creating (on a microscopic scale) asperities. These asperities minimize film-to-film contact and increase interlayer spacing, reducing adhesion significantly.

In other words, adhesion between adjacent layers increases friction (resistance to movement) at the contact point of the layers. The presence of anti-lock masterbatches helps to reduce the coefficient of film-to-film friction (COF).

CHEMOBLOCK is a group of anti-blocks with polyolefins carriers that reduce the tendency of film and sheet layers to stick together and allow films or sheets to be separated easily.


Processing aids are substances that are added to polymers to improve processability. The improved processability avoids melt fracture, reduces costs by increasing the production rate, and enhances the quality of the manufactured product. By adding processing aids, the speed of the extrusion process will be increased, and the molding cycles will be shortened.
PVC, polyolefins, and especially films and nylons benefit the most from adding process aids.
Other applications of process aids include films used in packaging industries, FFS films, and agricultural films.
CHEMPRO is a group of process aids that can improve the production process of your current products and provide the possibility of processing low melt strength polymers with a high production rate.


UV light can affect plastics in many ways, including causing a chalky appearance, causing color changes, and even affecting the integrity of the material itself.
UV light stabilizers are produced to protect the plastic against UV lights.
POLYCHEM offers a wide range of UV light stabilizers masterbatches. These products can be used in agriculture, food packaging, etc., based on polymers such as PE, PP, etc.

UVCHEM is a group of our products of UV light stabilizers masterbatches which are manufactured in a wide range of standard grades to high-performance stabilizers based on the latest generation of HALS stabilizers.


With new regulations worldwide for flame retardant additives, highly concentrated flame retardant masterbatches for polyethylene structural films, including halogen-based and halogen-free solutions, meet market requirements. High-quality active ingredients and innovative formulations help you achieve superior product performance while reducing the harmful effects of plastic combustion on people, wildlife and the environment. Considering the specific mechanical properties and qualities required by our customers, we offer halogen-based and halogen-free masterbatches and compounds that are relatively low in toxins compared to other products on the market.